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Case of dental clinic

Goal - Creating and Boosting an account from the scratch, the first clients should be from Instagram

What was done?

  1. Developed a content strategy

  2. Created a content plan

  3. Developed a visual strategy

  4. Conducted several photoshoots

We decided that we would position ourselves as a blog about a healthy smile. We constantly "highlighted" one doctor. We wrote useful posts on his behalf, and when they kept the attention of the audience, we gradually introduced promotions, which in the end were successful.

Before / after

Group 29 (1).jpg
Group 30 (1).jpg


  1. Developed advertising promotion

  2. Defined the target audience

  3. Created ads

  4. Set up and launched an advertising platform


Advertising budget – $283
New subscribers - 787 people
Subscriber price – $0.32

That was productive 3 months of work. After a pause, cooperation spread again.


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