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Promotion of a workshop on hairdessing from ERTEQOOB (Kyiv, Ukraine)

I would like to tell you about one of the latest projects.

It was a workshop from the Academy of Hairdressing Art ERTEQOOB (Kyiv), which took place in Minsk.

Event information:

Date of the event - from 28 to 31 October 2019

Three different formats:
"Start" 65 BYN (20$) if purchased before October 1; 90BYN (27$) after October 1.
"Profi" 555 BYN (170$)
"Premium" 720 rubles (221$ ) for early birds before October 1, if after the price is 880 rubles (270$).

Workshop website:

A little about the event:

it is narrow-profile and interesting, first of all, to those who have been in hairdressing art for a long time. The first day was theoretical, and the next three were practical. The ERTEQOOB school itself is very authoritative and has serious achievements. A little familiar in Belarus as well among the masters.

Two main goals were set: brand awareness - the owner of the studio and organizer of the event, Pavel Bandarevich, wanted to strengthen his personal brand, and financial - it was necessary to recoup the funds invested in organizing the workshop.

For work, there was an account of the salon, which was the organizer of the event.


Account before the cooperation:

Before the launch of the advertisement, it was redesigned for the event so that it reflects the essence of the upcoming events:


Before the launch of the advertisement, it was redesigned for the event so that it reflects the essence of the upcoming events:


The example of audience:

Since the event is narrow-profile, I've set up advertising only for specialists and owners of beauty salons. Important note, It's for the women - audience. From the customer experience, we already knew, that 95% of the audience of the previous workshops were ladies.

I divided the audience by geolocation in order to see the performance of a particular region and make adjustments based on this. It turned out two bases: Minsk and a radius of +80 km from it and the rest of the country (Brest, Grodno, etc.).

In the beginning, the two audiences worked approximately equally responsively. However, it was decided to work only with the audience "Minsk +80 km", because they were up to make a purchase. Which is fair enough: if to come from another city to Minsk, pay 300$ for a ticket, pay for accommodation and meals -it appears like a lot of expenses.


Statistics (in all data, Russian rubles):

I decided to test the male audience as well, despite the fact that, according to Pavel, it is not an object of observation. Proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I've launched several promos with a budget:

image11 (1).png

Statistics (in all data, Russian rubles):

t didn't work out well! The audience was also active, but when the display frequency reached two, i.e. every man from the selected audience saw our advertisement twice, however never bought it, I decided to continue interacting only with the girl's audience.

In addition, I tried to work with influencers in this niche, because I wanted to give additional PR to the event. And I already had a positive experience of collaborations in previous projects.

The customer immediately declined this matter and said that nothing would come of it, having a past negative practice. I decided to go on a risk (for the second time), and "knocked" on 10-12 Instagram accounts, believing in my gift of persuasion :) As a result - a fiasco. Either they were ignoring my messages or they weren't interested in the offer:


At the end of September, the following conclusions were made:

  • Refused to work with a male audience - there were no purchases;

  • Due to the purpose, the traffic did not cover the entire target audience;

  • It was needed to tell more about the ERTEQOOB academy and why it is worth going to study with them;

  • I decided to test the lead form, as the ticket price is high.

  • Started to launch the most successful ads with the goal "Reach". To show a promo on those who were not "caught" when running ads with the goal "Traffic".

And at the same time, there were two announcements with the purpose of "Reach", which answered the questions: who are these masters and why is it worth going?; awards and prizes of the academies; representation of what the master gets after the workshop (new skills, networking, etc.) Examples of announcements:

Added the new ad:


How it looked like:

When a person clicked on the "Details" button, his data was automatically loaded into these lines, and he only needed to check the correctness of the information and click on the "Submit". Significantly, the type of lead form was chosen by "Coverage increase". This was done to make it easy to fill out and collect as many contacts as possible.


I connected the service with a help of which the completed form immediately got into the Telegram messenger:

The manager immediately called the potential client with a consultation.


I connected the service with a help of which the completed form immediately got into the Telegram messenger:


Statistics for one of the ads:


Сloser to the event, one lead cost 200 RUB - 2$, so I decided to turn it off. By October 20, 7 days before the start of the event, I switched off all "Reaching" ads. I switched to promo with the goal "Traffic".

Let's sum up everything later. For now, I would like to talk about content.


At the same time, I launched a promo competition on the account that specializes in event posters:


Here are examples:

With this, I completed two tasks: promoting the master class itself + bringing the target audience to the account.

Why exactly our target audience was following the promo competition? It is still a narrow-profile event, so even with promo hunters, it went well because they already were interested in this field.

About 108 people took part in the competition. I've tried to convert them into our customers with the right content and special offer for them.

We put the owner of the workshop himself in the content: made announcements and promos on his behalf. We also recorded invitations from him for one of the most resultative advertisements.

Published posts in which I talked about the academy and why they are outstanding. For example, they run one of the most exclusive performance show for the hairdressing art community annually in Kyiv:


I was describing their authorities and why it is a worth-going experience - examples of posts above.

To deliver the value of the event to our audience, I was telling about awards of the hairdresser master's, showing their expert level.

I published the list of benefits - what exactly people who come would get such as networking, pieces of knowledge from the experience of the world-class experts, etc.


Countdown to the start of the workshop:


Guidance video with the best routes to the location of the workshop:


I automatized a welcome message that was sent to everyone on behalf of the event host:


3 days before the event, I set up a mailing list with a promotional code that gave a discount. Alas, this attempt was not successful - only 1 purchase.


73000 RUB (1140USD) were spent on the target advertisement:

There were 37 tickets sold of the "Start" format (only for the first day) and other formats were complete SOLD OUT - 20 tickets on "Profi" and 10 on "Premium"! Using simple mathematical measurements, we can calculate that advertising costs paid off 7 times!

Pavel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for an opening for me Erteqoob! I got such a boost of positive emotions @kuzminchev.eq and @krupchinskiy1 share their work experiences openly, inspire for new ideas, show the best approach to the work and just make their business in a beautiful way!

image7 (1).png

In addition, such feedback added lots of vivid emotions from the work done:


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