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3300 followers for 22 cents

Hey! I would like to tell you about the target case for a personal brand of obstetrician-

Her name is Helena, and she is the owner of 2 clinics.

Our goal was to increase the number of followers categorized by features: women 26-56, location - Zhodino town and 80km +, interests - health, medicine, motherhood, gynecology.

By building Helena's personal brand awareness we were increasing her brand retention, in other words, we were involving clients to the clinics:

My first step was account research and analyses with the recommendations list provided. Helena was doing pretty good with content on her own, my task was just to make adjustments.

Feed mentions via Instagram:

Period of work: 12th of January - 12th of April (3 months)

I was testing several ways of placement - the most successful one appeared to be stories-format. Here are some of the most resulting ones:

Screen from the Ads Manager:


Average CPC: $0.12

Spent amount:


Subscribers before work: 9867

After 3 months of work: 12661

_ (1).png


With a budget of $627, we got 2,794 new subscribers.
The cost of one subscriber is $0.22, bingo!


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