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Company name - "VHATU".

Company name - "VHATU".

The main direction is custom-made kitchens for order.

Period of cooperation - November 2019 till the present moment
The price category of kitchens is average in Belarus. The average bill is 5500 BYN (1 690$).

The region of manufacture is Minsk and the radius is 50 km.

What was used before us? / QUIZ

Traffic from Instagram and Facebook was directed to the website, where users were asked to take a quiz.

The conversion was weak: about one in 30 was more or less interested in collaborating. The sales manager worked a lot of idle work.

Results: $6,000-8,000 (450,000 - 608,000 RUB) amount of contracts per month with a budget of $700-900 (53,000 - 68,500 RUB)


What did we do?

1 - We researched the product in detail and understood the typical objections of customers.

2 - Created a completely different sales funnel:
- Lead form (a person leaves his data) - a manager's call - make a deal
- Subscription to an account - we send the catalog to Viber and get the number of a potential client - make a deal

3 - Developed sales scripts

4 - Implemented new proposals that brought results (send us the finished project and we will show you how to save up to 30%, for example)

What result did we get?

During its work, with a budget of $700-900 (53,000 - 68,500 rubles) per month, the company sold kitchens for no less than $9,000 (684,000 rubles) per month.

The record cost of one kitchen for this period is 456,000 rubles or $6,000.

Three record months with the same advertising budget:
July 2020 - 1,786,240 rubles. (23 500$)
March 2021 – 1,710,220n rubles (22 500$)
April 2021 – 1,429,000 rubles (19 100$)

Which is many times more than the results before our cooperation!
Until now, we work with these clients and have begun to work on 2 more projects.


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