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Payback 400% for an online school. We made 3,250,000 rubles ($49.760) for 3 months of work

Let’s start

  • In November 2020, the online school "Mentorz" came to us

  • Their niche is workshops for entrepreneurs and beginners in the business.

  • The cost of the flagship product is $1,400.


First, we looked at the work of past traffic managers.


Advertisements were mediocre. The combination of stock images and banal offers was giving zero results.


It immediately became clear why the cost per lead is $3. Moreover, the quality of the leads was awful, as the final traffic payback was around 200%.


And after deducting all expenses, there was no net profit at all.

So the task was:

  • Reduce the cost of a lead by 2 times ($1.4);

  • Improve lead quality and ROI.

image 34.jpg
image 35.jpg


We requested an upload of leads and buyers of this school to collect a similar audience on Facebook.

Spoiler - these audiences worked best, and past traffic managers did not even try them.

Also, the main stake was placed on advertisements, as they were the main problem. For a long time we were asking the head of the school for the photos and "Bingo!", he has sent high-quality sources.


Here are examples of top ads that have worked well:


The emphasis was on a minimalistic and bright design + unusual catchy headlines (which are clear for the audience)


Also, according to my theses, several video clips were shot. One of them turned out to be LIT and showed the best results, it is worth a look!

image 36.jpg
image 37.jpg


And now, the moment of truth. We turn on ads, and testing begins…

And, of course, here I would mention what problems appeared at launch and with what sweat and blood I have solved them.

But in fact, there was no mystery in it, for me, that's for sure. Because I knew what I was doing and what would work.

Already on the 5th day of work, we received cheap leads (up to $1.4) on a volume of 3000.

Then on the 10th day, we reached the volume of $85 per day and made that stable.


Of course, during this period promotions were changed, but there were not as many of them as it seems, the main thing is to know what to offer your target audience.


We had been working with this company for more than 3 months. And the most pleasant surprise was when we calculated the revenue for the entire advertising period...


The amount of paid orders amounted to $46,000, which gave advertising a payback of 4 times, so we made 400% ROI.

Let me remind you - it was $ 11,800 spent on advertising

Screenshot from ads:

image 39.jpg
image 38.jpg


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