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How can you increase the store's revenue through social networks with the help of "Non-Customers"?

My name is Evgeniy Chernobay. I am the owner of the TOKS men's shoe store in Minsk, Belarus. I would like to share with you a story about how non-customers can help you increase your store's revenue.

A little introduction: we sell only men's shoes

The average price of one pair of the autumn-winter season is 96$. The store is located in an absolutely dull shopping center with no chance for passability.

The main traffic flow is from Instagram and a little part is from VK.
My store is young - it was created on October 14, 2017.

To say that we have already found a warm audience would be reckless. To increase sales, we were looking for a fresh audience.

Studying various growth strategies from the experience of past years, I stumbled upon the history of the Danish company Novo Nordisk. They produced insulin. Their end customer is a person with diabetes. However, at that time (the 1980s), in the pharmaceutical industry, all advertising communication was built through leading doctors. Companies discussed the way how to promote their goods through the influence of these doctors.

The market was crowded with strategies like this and Novo Nordisk realized this can't go on forever. What did Novo Nordisk do? They've gone directly to the end customer - the patients themselves. With a focus on diabetics, the company launched the NovoPen, the first user-friendly insulin injection device designed to eliminate the inconvenience of injections. This device resembled a fountain pen. It was compact and an order of magnitude more convenient than the syringes adopted at that time. As a result, this strategy has changed the landscape of the industry, and Novo Nordisk has become the world leader in diabetic products!

The beginning of communication with the end customer made a great leap forward for Novo Nordisk and has changed the game completely.

Interpreting this concept for myself, I realized that I can "build relationships" with "non-clients". That is why I switched to the women's audience instead of focusing only on the male one.

I remembered that a certain percentage of sales were made by men with the influence of their lady.

Additionally, observing a competitor in a related field (men's clothing), I've noticed this picture:

3 from 8 comments about the price were from the girl's accounts



Record every purchase made by the couple.

Analyze the percentage of such purchases from the total sales for the specified period.

Observation period: from September 1 to October 31.


9% of the purchases of total sales were made by couples.

Based on this there was set a goal to exceed up to 18%, i.е. 2 times the number of purchases for the period from November 1 to December 31.

First step: with the help of Target Hunter, I hunted exclusively for those ladies who have a boyfriend or husband: I've collected 42,000 of them (GEO - Minsk, Belarus)

Second step: I parsed their Instagram accounts from this selection - 8000.

Third step: then these 8000 Instagram accounts were again parsed in VK. Thus, I got a "core" of the audience. With the participation, for a large number of touches, I could interact both on VK - targeting and on Instagram - mass liking and mass following.

Target in VK. Here, at the same time, I was influencing the audience with 3 ads:

VK worked very mediocrely. After a week's test, I only worked with the "core" (8000 accounts), because I could make another touch on Instagram with it, hoping that a certain touch would bring us a beautiful young couple.

Instagram / Targeting:

Worked with the following ladies audience:
Marital status: in a relationship, married, etc.

Events from life: recently engaged, newlyweds, etc.

2) Interests: fashion, style, menswear, etc.
3) Interacted in the TOKS account - left only the female audience.


Instagram / Quest marathon:

To get the audience involved, I launched a quest marathon: within 4 days it was necessary to answer questions, find a specific post in the account, etc. One of the conditions: select a girl, sister, or girlfriend through @. In other words, those ladies, who potentially influencing the purchase - more details in the screenshot:

Quest marathon, win a 30BYN (10$) discount.

Instagram / Акция:

А кульминацией всей активностей в сторону прекрасной половины человечества была акция: при покупке с девушкой была возможность выиграть один из трех весомых призов (см. скриншот)


Данный пост я таргетировал по вышеуказанным аудиториям. Напоминал об акции в stories:


Сделал рассылку по существующим диалогам в direct:


Посев у лидеров мнений и партнеров:

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