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School for pregnant women "First swallow"

In November 2021, the School for Pregnant Women "First Swallow" contacted us

What was their request? They have stopped growing. At the time of the appeal, their Instagram account had 38,000 subscribers, but for a year they could not reach 40k. Since in such a field a short LTV is no longer relevant after childbirth, many unsubscribes immediately after their needs were resolved???? The cost of a subscriber in 2021 was about $0.67. In 3 months (August-September) growth slowed down significantly. Total + 1092 subscribers, with a daily average of +12.


What was our offer?

By analyzing previous advertising campaigns, it has appeared they used only one region - Belarus. We suggested using big cities in Russia and Ukraine as well. We also gave a couple of tips on the profile appearance. For example, there were no text titles for the posts, so the subject of the blog was not obvious from first sight. To make it eye-catching we decided to add some text graphics on every third post.

Before / After

Group 55 (1).jpg
Group 56 (1).jpg

The brand positioning in ads has been completely changed: if previously they promoted videos with lifehacks and value tips, now we wanted to use ads through a pain and triggers campaign. However, it didn't happen right away.

клики ласточка (1).png

We were collecting the most popular questions on this niche through extended testing. We talked with the owner of the school, used Yandex Wordstat + Google Trends for the most relevant questions about pregnancy.

два месяца рекордов - переписка (1).png

We highlighted 4 mains:

1. Fear of childbirth
2. Postpartum recovery timeline
3. Things women need at the hospital
4. When should you start preparing for pregnancy

We made ads layouts for them and launched them in a promo, deciding that SVO would judge us. Which one do you think turned out to be the most effective? The answer will be at the end. Read up????

And, in fact, the results went up. СPC from 0.67 dollars (54 rubles grew at the rate of 81 rubles for 1 dollar), became 0.28USD (23 rubles).
Sounds like a magic spell? I don't think so
+ 1540 followers with an average increase of 26 subscribers per day, against 12.

Group 57 (1).jpg

The online course has just launched. We prepared short live Instagram and webinars. That was something we've put a lot of effort into.

7Then we were catching up on retargeting. Here, of course, Victoria's personal brand took part - ads worked best when she personally invited the audience to take part in a course.

What did we get?

The previous sales record was 101. We broke the record that we could not beat in 4 years and made 117 sales! Which we are definitely proud of.

Group 58 (1).jpg

As for advertising on the blog, the thesis about the fear of childbirth worked well. This is the most powerful trigger for the audience and it is far ahead of others.



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