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144 applications for a yacht charter in Miami and Los Angeles!

We tried different ways:

we chose the direct interest of yachts and wrote that it is for rent from $ 650 per hour so that people immediately understand what budget is needed for a walk. So we aimed for users with a high income.

We also launched promotions:

for those who had a birthday, we offered a cheese plate, champagne and made a discount. Thus, potential clients were motivated to celebrate their birthdays on a yacht in the company of friends.

We also launched ads for corporate parties.

Leads where the advertising creatives cost from $650 per hour:

image 47.jpg

Celebrate your birthday:

image 48.jpg

High-income audience (household income)

P.s. such targeting options are available only when setting up ads in the USA

image 49.jpg

Those who are interested in yachts:

image 50.jpg

Total spent 1875 dollars and received 144 applications!

image 51.jpg


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